Home Entertainment Lady cries out after finding out that her lover still gets in bed with his ex-wife

Lady cries out after finding out that her lover still gets in bed with his ex-wife

by yangquan321

A Nigerian lady has complained about her husband’s unfaithfulness to her by having an affair with his ex-wife.

She lamented that she doesn’t know whether to overlook the situation or confront him for his actions.

She narrated that she got engaged to her husband when he was still married to a German woman. He later divorced his wife and married her but now, he doesn’t seem to want to cut ties with his ex-wife.


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His ex-wife could not give birth to children for him because she already had kids in her previous marriage, hence the new relationship.

In her story she said,

“Hello. Please keep me anonymous. I have been married for 4 years now. my husband resides in Germany and I met him online. He was married them to a German lady. the lady said that she can’t be here in children cause she already had two kids in her previous marriage. 

“We got engaged while he was still married to her though. But they are divorced now.. I am currently waiting for my visa approval for family reunion so I can join him. 

My husband came home and I read his chat with his ex. 

“They are still sleeping with each other. I don’t know how to feel now cause I have kept myself for him and he’s busy sleeping with his ex. He didn’t come home for 2 years, when I complained she said what’s the need of coming home since I will soon join him. Not knowing his been busy with his ex-wife.”

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