Home Entertainment “If I lose you I will die” – Video of IVD begging his late wife for forgiveness surfaces

“If I lose you I will die” – Video of IVD begging his late wife for forgiveness surfaces

by yangquan321

Contrary to BlessingCEO’s claims that Bimbo was always the trouble maker, a video has surfaced online showing IVD begging to be forgiven.

An anonymous blogger known as Gistlovers, posted the video debunking all of Blessing’s claims.

In the blogger’s words:


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“Where is blessing CEHOE saying ivd dey run but bimbo keeps begging , I can tell you it’s ivd always coming back begging threatening that if bimbo leaves he will d.ie because their baba already warned them not to go apart and Ivd knows what is at stake , here is ivd video admitting to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs , this one no be cut and join chats wey blessing dey post , this is video evidence, more still dey oo, how ivd pursue bimbo and their kids for house after he was high, plenty video evidence still dey , since Ivd say him no go allow this matter rest , make everybody dance for mud , I dey come”

In the video, IVD was seen saying:

“See my eyes I never sleep good sleep abeg please forgive me. I was acting naive because of alcohol, I don’t want to lose the kids. Everything has scattered, my whole life is shattered without you. If I lose you enemies will get me and I’ll die and I don’t want to die. That thing I was typing I didn’t know what I was typing. All the things I took it got me high and I don’t know what I was saying. Money wey you give me I don use am drink beer. I no get any money again. Please forgive me. I want to stay with the kids I want to stay with you. There’s nothing outside, please.” 


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