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Fashion:Cozy Date Night Sweaters

by yangquan321

Does anyone actually celebrate Valentine’s Day? Okay. Fine. If you want to take me to dinner on a Tuesday night in the middle of February, I won’t say no. But what outfit to throw together amidst checking second grade math homework, scraping hardened blueberry remnants off the high chair, throwing some sort of respectable chicken-nugget-esque dinner together for the kids, giving the babysitter the run down of which level of light each child sleeps with along with plan A, B, and C if, IF, the baby should wake up from his peaceful slumber. Totally banking that she makes it to at least plan B. Sound romantic? But no, really. It is good to get out to celebrate love and the crazy household we created, right? Yeah. So back to the outfit. Midweek Valentine’s day, or any winter time date night for that matter calls for a lot of cozy (and a little sexy). I’ve hand picked my favorite date night sweaters that fit this criteria below. Throw on your favorite (forgiving) pair of jeans, because when the waiter asks if you want the molten chocolate cake, the answer is always yes.


Sweater | Jeans | Jacket | Sneakers (because they are pinkish and it’s Valentine’s Day!)

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