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Online Dating:How to Survive Dating Through Finals Week

by yangquan321

The end of the academic school year is here, which means that many of you out there are going to be ridiculously busy for the next few weeks. Juggling dating with other life responsibilities is challenging enough on an ordinary day. Throw in the crunch of finals and it can feel nearly impossible.

Fear not. If you’re dating someone, here’s a few ways to keep your sanity and your love life intact when you’re both super busy with school.

  1. Set expectations.

If you or the person you’re dating know you’re going to be tied up with school stuff for the next few weeks, communicate and set expectations. For example, maybe you won’t be able to hang out in person but want to commit to a nightly phone catch-up sesh. Instead of ghosting the other person, talk about everything beforehand so that you’re both on the same page.

  1. Give them space.

If the person you’re dating doesn’t deal well with distractions, give them space. Also, if you’re the one who needs some breathing room to get through finals, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Personal space is an important part of a healthy relationship. You’ve both got academic responsibilities. The right person will understand that.

  1. Ask them what they need from you.

Whether it’s room in the schedule to study, more coffee or late night cuddles, ask the other person what they need from you, instead of just assuming you know. Whatever they need, listen and support them. Everyone has different ways of handling stress (for example, your partner may need ample amounts of carbs & cuddles, whereas you’re more of a “stow away like a monk for three days” studier), don’t take it personally if their coping mechanisms are different than yours.

  1. Send them funny gifs.

What better way to lift their mood and let them know you’re thinking of them than with a hilarious gif. A quick gif send is a fun and casual way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them and want to put a smile on their face. “I hate videos of adorable monkeys riding on the back of a cat” – said no one ever.

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Open communication is the key to any healthy relationship, but it’s especially important when you’re both busy and stressed. Instead of just turning off your phone in hopes that the other person will just “get” that you need some distraction free time to study, be 100% upfront about it so that they’re not left trying to decode your behavior. Listen to your partner and try to see things from their side.

  1. Keep date night low-key.

When you’re up to your neck in school work, just the thought of putting on real pants to go on a date with your loved one can feel like too much (or maybe a date night is exactly what you need to blow off some steam…everyone is different). Whatever your date style, keep expectations low & plan some low-key time together where you can just relax and catch up. Netflix and pizza are optional, but recommended.

  1. Surprise them with a sweet gesture.

Doing small, thoughtful things for the other person is a great way to keep the momentum and romance alive even when you’re both really busy with school. Bring them coffee at the library. Send them a text letting them know that they’ve totally got this. When time is of the essence, small gestures like this go a long way.

  1. Plan an epic date for after finals are over.

Planning something that you can look forward to together is a great motivator when it comes to getting through finals. Maybe it’s going to that restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try, going to see an amazing concert or spending a guilt free night drinking boxed wine in your pajamas. However you choose to celebrate the end of the school year, plan something fun that you can both look forward to when the going gets tough.

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