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Online Dating:Dating Milestones: which ones should you celebrate?

by yangquan321

With dating comes milestones. The first kiss. The first time they use the heart emoji in a text. Your first month anniversary. As much as we maybe try and brush them off, when you’re excited about a new relationship milestones matter.

In an attempt to reveal the importance of relationship milestones, premium dating site EliteSingles asked 1,900 people to spill the beans on their favorite firsts. They asked respondents whether they think it’s romantic to celebrate romantic milestones with a partner. The good news is that an overwhelming majority – 94% – think it is.

Here are a few more interesting takeaways from the survey.

Milestones are a sign of a serious relationship.

The next question was whether romantic milestones suggest you’re in a serious relationship with someone. Much like the previous answer, 82% of those surveyed said they signify a meaningful bond, with just 18% suggesting they don’t. In fact, 84% of participants reported that celebrating these moments are a sign that you’re deeply in love with your partner (the other 16% reasoning that they can be unromantic).

However, don’t post about those milestones on social media.

While celebrating milestones with the person you’re dating is considered romantic, you might want to keep things between just the two of you. A majority 77% of those surveyed said that sharing romantic milestones on social media is a serious no-no. Of the 23% who were OK with sharing, 15% said they’d post them if they weren’t weird, whereas 7% said they should be shared regardless. Avid social media users take note! While you might want to share the moment your partner met your dog for the first time, your friends are probably less keen to receive a play by play account of your relationship.

Lesser known milestones count too.

With that said, relationship milestones don’t have to involve big life events in order to be celebrated. There are lots of seemingly small everyday moments that matter in relationships.

Want to impress your new partner and show them you’re all theirs? According to the survey, 56% of respondents said that deleting your dating apps from your smartphone was their top not-so-obvious relationship milestone. 42% said that leaving a toothbrush at your partner’s place was their biggest deal, while 40% said showering together was their most popular lesser-known milestone.

Getting clean together is the way to a man’s heart.

Gender played an important role here. 64% of women consider deleting your dating apps the most important not-so-obvious milestone, compared to just 36% of men. Interestingly enough, men found shared hygiene moments the most impactful. Most men (59%) said that working out together was more important to them, followed by showering together (57%).

Saying “I love you” trumps everything.

So, what do people see as the most important dating milestones? When asked to choose the three most significant milestones you can share with the person you’re dating, 61% of respondents agreed that “saying I love you” is the most significant relationship milestone. This was followed by “meeting each other’s families” (50%) and “moving in together” (40%).

Meeting the family and moving in together are apparently very important to milestones because they outscored the first kiss (37%) and getting married (36%)! There wasn’t much variation when it came to gender differences. However, 40% of men did say that the first sleepover was their most significant milestone, compared to just 24% of women.

So, when should you say the l-word?

Another interesting discovery: when it comes to saying those all-important three words, men and women were split. Over a third of women (36%) would wait up to 6 months to tell their partner they’re in love, whilst 32% would keep it within the three-month mark. A mere 10% would say a hasty “I love you” within a month, whilst (5%) would wait until a year had passed.

Men are (perhaps surprisingly) much quicker on the draw. When asked, 34% of men would declare their love within 3 months, while 22% of fellas would wait up to six months. However, one in four (26%) men would be happy to profess love within a month. Going by what the ladies have to say, if you’re one of these guys, it might be worth holding off a bit!

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